Superheroes Trigger Super Debates

Superhero films are always greatly anticipated by people of all ages. Something about a protagonist overcoming a villain paired with a happy ending continually captivates audiences, and with so many new technologies that enable realistic special effects, the superhero movie genre is more popular now than ever. Similar to Coke and Pepsi, Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment are the two central producers of superhero movies. Though both businesses may seem indistinguishable to the average movie goer, many fanatics disagree on the matter.

Both companies launched in the 1930s. DC Comics was founded by Malcolm-Wheeler Nicholson in 1934, while the Marvel Universe took off a little later in 1939. Since their creations, the companies have formed individual reputations, thus causing division among the genre’s fans.

Marvel’s productions often occur in actual places, including New York City, and the superhero’s mission typically focuses on saving all of humanity. Though this seems to imply that these movies are inherently intense, Marvel is generally able to maintain humor and relatability throughout all their films. Perhaps it is the characters’ light-hearted but earnest behavior that continues to place Marvel movies at the top of the box-office.

“I like how anyone can relate to [Marvel movies], and I like all the action,” said senior Karyssa Miller.“I also like how there are strong female characters in their recent movies.”

DC Comics is famous for its classic superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. When Warner Bros. bought the company in 2009, the business created two successful films: “The Dark Knight” and “Man of Steel.” Unlike Marvel, DC Comic’s movies have a generally darker plotline in which the superhero’s goal is to defeat the villain at any cost. Though DC has not formed a universe as cohesive as Marvel, it has delved into the world of television and created shows such as “Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl.”

Sophomore Emmy Beyer said, “I like DC Nation better due to the fact that when they produce a movie, compared to Marvel, they pay attention to the comic plot instead of the simplistic plot and fill the rest of the movie with false plot that doesn’t happen within the universe of comics.”

One of the newest superhero films, Marvel’s “Deadpool,” released Feb. 12, seems to have entertained both DC and Marvel fans and is at the top of the box office with 56.5 million dollars in revenue. It also received an 84% approval rating on “Rotten Tomatoes” and was titled “certified fresh.” Marvel will attempt to continue their success with the release of “Captain America: Civil War” on May 6, while DC Comics is working on a new movie and plans to release “ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” on March 25.

Both franchises have established themselves as reputable producers of superhero films. It is inevitable that moviegoers disagree on which one is superior, but it will be interesting to see whether these upcoming movies alter Marvel and DC’s popularity.

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