Acts of Kindness Club Spreads Valentine’s Day Cheer

The Acts of Kindness Club, started by Math teacher Ms. Leigh Miles and Special Education teacher Ms. Ann Johnston, has been an organization at Mt. Hebron for one year now. They help spread kindness around the school and community by doing little things, like putting up notes of encouragement.

All around the building this year, there were purple hearts hanging on the walls, in the bathroom and in both the girls and boys locker rooms. They write words of encouragement and quotes on the hearts to help make someone’s day. They have also made posters for Allied Sports games, created thank you notes for all the class sponsors, and gave thank you bags to our custodians.

Club member senior Natalie Fyock said, “My favorite activity that Acts of Kindness has done and is still doing is High Five Friday.”

High Five Friday is just like it sounds. Every Friday, they try to help spread happiness throughout Mt. Hebron by going up to people within our school and giving high fives.

For Valentine’s Day, Acts of Kindness sold cards to the students to send to friends and significant others. Each card was 25 cents.

Club member senior Lauren Poole said her favorite thing about Acts of Kindness is “the fact that you might be making someone’s day. It is always nice to see something positive in a world that focuses on the negatives.”

The purple hearts that have been posted around school have brought joy and happiness to people’s days. They are there as pick-me-ups for students and teachers to boost their confidence and to help make their days better.

As for keeping the growth of this club going, senior Mason All said, “I hope more and more people join this club. In our first meeting this year, we had a huge turn out. I would like to see this club expand into the community and to see if we can benefit more than just Mt. Hebron.”

The Acts of Kindness Club was only created last year, but it has made a difference at Mt. Hebron by bringing happiness to the school.

“We hope that our positive message has spread to as many people as possible, but there is always more that can be done,” Ms. Miles said. “We are always looking for new members and creative ideas!”

The Acts of Kindness Club hopes to grow with more members and ideas. They are always looking for new students who want to come and help make Mt. Hebron a brighter and happier place.

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