Ms. Prevosto Takes Home Gold as Student, Coach, Athletic Director

Ms. Jeannie Prevosto is known at Mt. Hebron as one of the most active and supportive athletic directors in the history of the school. She plays a key role as a member of the Viking Backers, an organization that holds events throughout the school year to fundraise for new equipment and facilities. When she is not working with the sports programs, she is helping students with their daily lives.

With her many achievements, Ms. Prevosto was recently inducted into the Howard County Women’s Athletics Hall of Fame. She was honored along with four other former Howard County athletes.

“I thought it was a great honor that I’m sure she’s very proud of,” said Mr. Donald Walters, Mt. Hebron’s golf coach.

Ms. Prevosto started her athletic career as a student at Mt. Hebron. As a freshman, she was a part of the varsity volleyball team that made it to the County Championships. She also played a key role on the Vikings’ softball team. Throughout her four years, the Lady Vikings held an 11-2 record, which coincided with a regional title.

After going on to play softball in college for two years, she was introduced to the coaching scene after multiple injuries set her back. During Ms. Prevosto’s playing career, she underwent three ACL tears that eventually caused her to stop playing because there was only so much mental and physical recovery that could be done.  The hardest part for Ms. Prevosto was getting past the fact that any play could cause another injury with a recovery process that was too long and intense.

In 11 years of coaching, she totaled 169 wins during her time at Middletown and Urbana High School.

“The thrill of working with students was the most memorable and fun part of the game,” Ms. Prevosto said of her many years of coaching.

When her coaching career came to an end, Ms. Prevosto became nothing short of excellent as an athletic director. Her efforts at Mt. Hebron have been amazing.  She has helped the softball team purchase new dugouts and has kept the field in top condition year round. She also helped to obtain the turf field for the football team this year and participated in having new scoreboards installed in the gym for the basketball and volleyball events.

“I believe she would deserve [the award] based on how well she’s done the three years I’ve been here,” added junior Jalen Bowen.

Such accomplishments show Ms. Prevosto’s hard work and dedication, ensuring that the student athletes at Mt. Hebron have a memorable and enjoyable time while playing the games they love.

Mr. Walters said, “As long as she keeps that energy up and keeps the enthusiasm up, she [will continue to do] a great job.”

In spite of her busy schedule, Ms. Prevosto still finds time to attend most if not all of the athletic events hosted at Mt. Hebron.

Senior Derrick Alexander stated, “I usually go to the basketball games, and I always see her there. She’s always there — lacrosse games, soccer games. I always see her so I can’t really recall any sporting event where she wasn’t there.”

Ms. Prevosto has inspired many with her great work ethic and time spent with all sports at Mt. Hebron. She will continue to improve the school and Howard County’s sports department as a whole in the years to come.

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