Alumni Take Back Mt. Hebron

Graduation is not enough to keep Mt. Hebron alumni away from their beloved high school. Many students returned home from their college campus just to find themselves back on the familiar grounds of Mt. Hebron to talk to current students.

On Dec. 21, 2015, the school’s doors were opened to returning alumni. The former Vikings obtained their visitors’ passes and made their way to different classrooms to talk about the college system and their different college experiences.

Current Albright College student and 2013 graduate, Malik Gilmore, is one of the many students who chose to share his experiences. Gilmore is studying communications while also juggling football practices and games.

“It’s all about time management,” stated Gilmore, advising Ms. Rachel Fulchino’s 12th grade English class to dedicate themselves to their education and goals.

“Whatever you do, put your mind to it, and you’ll get it done,” Gilmore said as he concluded his talk.

Simone Osuji, a recent graduate of Drexel University, was another student who joined the group of alumni who came to speak. Osuji, who spoke to Ms. Leslie Ammann’s Spanish class, studied electrical engineering at Drexel University. She spoke about her time at college and her struggles along her journey.

Osuji emphasized that college will be a different and sometimes difficult transition. She told the class to find comfort in the fact that other college freshmen are going through the same thing.

The alumni not only shared their college experiences, but they also described how Mt. Hebron helped to prepare them for college.


Malik Gilmore speaks to Ms. Fulchino’s 12th grade English class.


“The people around me helped a lot,” Gilmore stated. He detailed how he transferred to Mt. Hebron in the middle of his high school career and did not take things as seriously as he should have.

Soon, he began to focus and take school more seriously. Gilmore credits this progress to his teachers, Ms.  Teyarnte Carter and Ms. Sandy Harrington, former Mt. Hebron principal Mr. Ruehl, guidance counselor Ms. Irene Bademosi and his mother.

“If it was not for the teachers at Mt. Hebron, I wouldn’t have been where I am now,” responded Gilmore.

Students and teachers benefited and enjoyed the visits. Many found the alumni’s stories rewarding and helpful.

“It was really helpful to hear what we should be preparing for,” shared senior Laurel Wenzel. Many seniors, like Wenzel, will be facing the reality of what they heard from the guests next year as they head off to college.

Alumni Day was a great way for recent graduates to share real-world advice with the current students. Mt. Hebron hopes to turn this helpful event into an annual tradition.

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