Vikings Have Frosty Opinions of Winter Break

Winter break was, without a doubt, imperative to the well being of all high school students. This year’s winter break spanned from the last week of December to the third day of January. This time off not only rewarded students with a well-deserved rest from academic duties, but also gave families the opportunity to spend time together. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that teachers and students alike excitedly anticipated winter break; after all, everyone knows school is “snow” place to be during the holidays.

While nobody has had the audacity yet to question the necessity of a holiday break, some have dared to question its length. For some, the opinion was obvious.

“Why would you ever want a shorter break? Ever,” senior Sophie Betlejewski stated.

Many students shared this inclination and wished that the week and a half break would be extended in order to get the rest they deserve.

“The break needs to to be as long as possible,” senior Julie Stone said. “I need a break from all the stress.”

Most students share this sentiment.  Those with older siblings attending college pointed to the fact that college students get to enjoy a month-long break, making a week-long break seem puny in comparison.

However, the instant gratification of a long break may not be the best option. Because winter break is in the middle of the school year, it can set students back in academic terms. Senior Hannah Van Fleet pointed out that winter break should be curtailed, to increase student performance.

“Students aren’t going to do work over break,” Van Fleet stated bluntly. “You’re more likely to remember the things you learned when you go back to school” if breaks are shorter.

Students are less likely to remember course material they learned before the break. This is especially crucial as midterms take place just a couple of weeks after break and are very significant to students’ final grades.

Others point to the fact that in order to meet the required 180 school days, an extended break will push the last day of school into late June. Both students and staff will have to compensate for it later.

However, these reasons only focus upon the consequences of a long break. A longer holiday creates more opportunities to make memories with loved ones. Not to mention, many festivities and other annual events occur during the break, including Christmas.

Many argue that students deserve extra time off to celebrate the holidays.

“Winter break allows people to experience amazing opportunities,” senior Saikrishna Kalla explained.

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