Jett Soars into General Assembly

Senior Robert Jett has been awarded the prestigious honor of being a page for the General Assembly of Maryland. After submitting an essay about why government is important, Jett was nominated by the Mt. Hebron Social Studies Department to be considered for the position on a county level. He was then selected by the county as one of the few high school students who were given this opportunity.

The General Assembly is the State of Maryland’s primary legislative body and directly represents the electorate. It has been an age-old tradition for select seniors to serve as pages for the G.A. Jett states that he was encouraged to try for the position by Social Studies teacher Mr. Vann Prime.

“Mr. Prime suggested it to the class, so I decided to do it. I had to write an essay to the Social Studies department. When I was picked, I was interviewed at the Board of Education,” Jett said about the application process.

Each high school in Howard County nominates one student for a page position with the assembly. Out of 13 schools’ nominees, only six students are selected from the entire county to work with the body for two nonconsecutive weeks.

“I get to learn about the democratic process and live in Annapolis for a week,” explained the future page. Excited for the experience, Jett is most looking forward to observing the local legislative process at the General Assembly. He has been granted the special opportunity to directly serve and assist during the legislative sessions.

Social Studies Instructional Team Leader Ms. Angela Sugg, in addition to the rest of the department, nominated Jett for the position. According to Ms. Sugg, Jett is “passionate and shows interest in pursuing social sciences.”

Though Jett is currently interested in pursuing Business next year in college, politics is also a topic of great interest to him. Receiving letters from the Board of Education and the General Assembly reignited his passion and encouraged him to keep up his interest for politics.

Senior and Jett’s close friend, Handa Chun, believes that Jett is a great choice for the assembly.

“Robert is just one of those people who has the qualities that attract the attention of people,” he said.

Chun also described how Jett’s intelligence and interest in many subjects helped establish Jett as the ideal Mt. Hebron nominee for the position.

“Robert takes initiative,” agreed senior Hamza Mahmood. “As vice president of Future Business Leaders of America, he doesn’t sit back. He works to try and get sponsors.”

Being the multi-talented individual he is, in addition to being in the top 5% of his graduating class, Jett is also in Wind Ensemble, the highest level of band. Band director Mr. Will Marrin describes Jett’s work ethic as stellar.

“Especially during marching season, he did not only his part, but also helped others with their role in band. Robert works hard. He also has a utilitarian kindness,” Mr. Marrin said.

Whether it is as an avid student or as an active participant in many of Mt. Hebron’s extracurricular activities, Jett has truly proved his intellectual prowess. He now optimistically looks forward to the future with the hope that serving as a page for the General Assembly will be a step in the right direction.

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