Lindsey Jordan Rocks Downtown

Not many high school students can say that they are in a band. However, for junior Lindsey Jordan, that is what she gets to experience monthly in her three-person band, Snail Mail.

It is no surprise that Jordan is currently involved in a band due to her extensive knowledge and vast love of music. She has always appreciated the indie culture, which is the genre that her band mostly revolves around. Whether she just listens to it on the radio in the morning or plays it for people to come together and watch, she often finds herself surrounded by music.

Before forming Snail Mail, Jordan played locally at coffee houses in Howard County such as Mad City Coffee House in Columbia and Looney’s Pub. After discovering how much she loved performing — at the age of 8 she played guitar at Looney’s Pub — she decided to truly dedicate her time to it. She realized she needed to take it one step further in order to make her dream come true: to make a band.

Jordan recorded her own release and engaged in multiple gigs all over the Howard County area and even in Washington, DC. But she explained that she “would rather play with a band because it would be more fun and easier to book” at venues and practices.

Along with Jordan, the band includes just two other members: Ryan Vieira (age 21) and Shawn Durham (age 19). Vieira is originally from New Jersey, and Durham is from St. Louis, but they both moved to Maryland a few years ago to attend Goucher college in Baltimore. 

Two and a half years ago, Jordan and Durham met at a Beach House concert. Durham was visiting DC and, being a fan of the indie-rock band, attended the concert while there. Jordan and Durham became friends quickly after meeting due to the fact that they share a love for the same type of music and performing in front of others.

Durham and Vieira are in another band together, which Jordan discovered when she met Vieira earlier this year. She appreciated their style of music, and thus she offered them the opportunity to join together to become a full band.


The group is currently playing shows in Baltimore and DC. They had their first performance together on Oct. 2 at U+N Fest at The Ottobar. They are hoping to start recording songs along with playing more shows. Their upcoming one is next week at The Crown, an 18 and older bar in Baltimore.

Many of her friends have supported Jordan throughout her entire journey. Mt. Hebron senior Allison Gross explained, “It was cool that she was doing her own thing and working hard by playing in small coffee shops. And now she has been signed to a label and is playing at real venues.”

Junior Jack Fletcher agreed. “We’ve been best friends since I first moved here in middle school. I think she is and always has been incredibly talented. I honestly believe that she’s going to be famous one day because of all the shows she is performing in.”

Jordan is also involved in the fall show, “Godspell” on Nov. 11 through 14. She explained that she is “playing guitar for the musical and [has] been practicing twice a week since the beginning of October.” She will play as a part of the pit to bring live music into the performance.

Jordan is excited for what the future holds and cannot wait to make more music for everyone to hear.

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