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The newfound attention surrounding journalist Brent Kennedy has caused many to wonder why The Howard County Times editor who covers high school sports has gotten so much attention from students and parents alike. Kennedy is the head of a team that works to take photos, cover games and interview athletes. Much of Kennedy’s popularity stems from his use of social media, allowing him to connect with athletes and fans on a personal level.

Perhaps it was his beginning that propelled Kennedy to where he is today. Kennedy attended Howard High School where he took journalism as a freshman.

“(I) had an amazing teacher: Mrs. (Colette) Lawrence. I still have some of my very first stories and they are really bad. But she believed in me and encouraged me to find my niche. I owe so much to her and her class … That’s where it all began for me. I went on to take journalism several more times throughout high school before going on to Towson and majoring in mass communication – journalism there,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy covers all sports throughout the high school seasons and believes that each one has qualities that make them unique and special. His favorite sport to cover is basketball because of the back-and-forth action and the constant scoring, especially in the presence of huge crowds. Kennedy personally has a soft spot for golf, which he played as a student. Because he feels golf did not receive as much coverage as it deserved when he was younger, he wants to give golf athletes the exposure he would have wanted.

Kennedy particularly enjoys covering Mt. Hebron sports. In his first year, he was able to cover back-to-back Mt. Hebron titles in Boys’ Lacrosse and Soccer.  Kennedy said he is impressed with Mt. Hebron’s school spirit, not only at every game but in his Twitter photo contests, where he challenges students to see which school will take the most selfies with him for the month.

Kennedy not only watches the games, but also interacts with fans like sophomore Julia Manning.

“I have taken a picture with him,” Manning said. “He is nice, funny and down to earth.”

Manning also stated that he adds a level of enthusiasm and brings more people’s attention to the teams.

Kennedy loves doing his job, but he does admit that there are some negatives. He says that not being able to go to every game is the toughest part because he wants to cover as many games as possible, but he is only one person. Kennedy holds himself to a high standard and said that he sometimes misses great games that he would have loved to be at. He takes great pride in his job each and focuses on reporting and bringing news to students and anyone else who may read his articles.

Junior Brian Spiegler stated that his articles are very informative and allow for people to know what happened even if they did not actually attend the game.

When discussing his future, Kennedy says he does not know where he will be heading and is only focused on the present because he is having so much fun.

“There honestly is nothing more rewarding than covering high school athletics. There is a passion and enthusiasm from the players and fans that is unique to high school sports, and I truly enjoy that aspect of it. I love how excited the community gets about my coverage, and that drives me to do the absolute best job that I possibly can,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy admitted that it makes him sad to think that he will not be reporting on sports forever. For now, he loves what he does and will continue to work as The Howard County Times Sports Editor.

Kennedy has come a long way in his sports reporting. He is always working harder to write better and more interesting stories that can excite people about sports.  What makes him so famous among the students is his dedication not only to the sports, but also to the students.

“I work for you guys,” he said. “You guys are why I am having more fun than ever.”


6th Period

Kennedy spoke to The Mountain staff during a school visit on Nov. 5. From top, 4th period Journalism I and 6th period Journalism I-III Honors.

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