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Golf Goes to States

On October 12, Mt. Hebron’s golf team competed in the District V Championships. With a total score of 319 points, the whole team qualified for the State Tournament for the first time in Mt. Hebron history.

The members of the team were seniors Josephine Jung and Jack Montgomery, junior Liam Hall and sophomore Lake Lloyd. All four players performed well at the District Tournament. Montgomery scored 76 points, Lloyd scored 83 points, and Hall scored 89 points. Jung scored 71 points, which is a 2 under par.

Golf Coach Don Walters expressed his excitement for the whole team’s accomplishment.

“I was totally excited that we made it to the State Tournament as a team,” Coach Walters said. “We have had individuals qualify for States, but never a team.  I am really happy for them, especially our seniors Jack Montgomery and Josephine Jung. This is a huge achievement to finish their careers with.”

Not only did Jung help her team qualify for States, she also won the District V golf title for girls. Heading into the 13th hole, Jung was behind Jacqueline Cherry, a sophomore at Howard High School, by two shots. However, Jung was able to make a birdie on the 14th and 18th holes, thus making a comeback and sealing her victory over Cherry. Jung even improved from last year. At the District V Championship her junior year, Jung shot a round of 75, which is a 3 over par.

In an interview with The Baltimore Sun, Jung said that even though she was really nervous, she managed not to panic. Instead, she stayed calm and focused.

“I did get a little nervous, but I was thinking that there was a lot of golf left and anything would really happen,” Jung said to The Baltimore Sun.

Jung, Montgomery, Lloyd and Hall went on to compete in the State Tournament at the University of Maryland Golf Course on Oct. 26. The State Tournament was originally scheduled to take place from Oct. 26 to 28, but due to the heavy rain on Oct. 28, day three of the tournament was postponed to Nov. 2.

On the first day of the competition, the team members had to make the cut in order to advance to the second day and compete in the finals. On the opening day, Jung scored 77 points, which is a 5 over par, putting her in fourth place.

“Only Josephine Jung advanced to the finals, but for the boys it was still a great accomplishment and opportunity to play,” Coach Walters said.

Jung finished the State Tournament with a total of 153 points and placed alone in fourth. Even though she did not perform as well as she had hoped, Jung improved by seven shots from her previous season.

“I also stayed in it mentally, so that was good. It’s not the scores I wanted, but I can’t be too mad I guess because I did improve a lot from last year,” Jung said to The Baltimore Sun.

Jung finished as the top female from Howard County at the Golf Tournament for States.