Day: November 4, 2015

Golf Goes to States

On October 12, Mt. Hebron’s golf team competed in the District V Championships. With a total score of 319 points, the whole team qualified for the State Tournament for the first time in Mt. Hebron history. The members of the team were seniors Josephine Jung and Jack Montgomery, […]

Royals Named Kings of Baseball

The 2015 Major League Baseball World Series, decided by a best four out of seven games, began on Oct. 27 in Kansas City, Missouri. This year, the World Series was held between the Kansas City Royals, who eventually took home the trophy, and the New York Mets, two […]

Sounds That “Feel Good” For Fall

October appeared to be a popular month for artists to release their new albums. Some of them were sure to impress, while others seemed destined to disappoint.   “Sounds Good Feels Good” by 5 Seconds of Summer “Sounds Good Feels Good” provides exactly what you would expect from […]

Senioritis: Real or Fake?

As an underclassman, you are constantly warned that no grade level in high school will be as difficult as the notorious junior year. It is filled with demands to take challenging classes, to earn high grades, and to perform well on standardized tests. Moreover, no junior year would […]