Volleyball “Digs Pink” to Commemorate Ms. Fagan

October 27 marked the one year anniversary of the death of English teacher Ms. Cyndie Fagan. As a school, Mt. Hebron participates in various events to commemorate their beloved teacher.

The entire month of October is known as breast cancer awareness month. Throughout the weeks, schools raise and spread awareness of the illness. Every year, each high school in Howard County has a designated date in October for a “dig pink” game for all volleyball teams.

Mt. Hebron’s “dig pink” game was on Oct. 27. The gym was adorned in pink decorations, such as streamers and balloons, and all of the varsity players wore pink jerseys while they played.

“This dig pink game is a way to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer in general but also to honor someone who has impacted our own society,” said Varsity Volleyball Coach Michael Moynihan.


Mt. Hebron took this time to remember Ms. Fagan and her contribution to the community. Ms. Fagan died October 27, 2014 of breast cancer. She was the sophomore class board representative, an admired English teacher, and was also the creator of the Stamp Project, a Holocaust memorial project in which the school still actively participates. Since the game was exactly one year after her death, there was a tribute to her before and in the middle of the Varsity match.

Mr. Moynihan and English teacher Ms. Amy Comberiate spoke about Ms. Fagan and explained who she was and what she contributed to the Mt. Hebron community. After the speech, the entire crowd had a moment of silence for Ms. Fagan and for all who have lost their battle to cancer.

To express their love for the treasured teacher, the entire school wore pink during the day as well as the volleyball game. This is the second time the entire school was encouraged to wear pink in honor of Ms. Fagan and her work.

Coach Moynihan said, “I would like to have this event as close to her anniversary as possible because I would like to honor her as a person. She was a loved person and everybody in the school knew her even if they didn’t have her as a teacher.”

The Pink Ribbons Club was at the game selling pink headbands for two dollars. They were present the entire game and had several announcements about their club and what their fundraiser is for. All of the proceeds from the event are being donated to cancer research.

“I want students to look forward to this event, and maybe next year we can have ribbons to sell throughout the week in order to raise more money for an important cause,” Coach Moynihan added.

As a whole, Mt. Hebron plays a major role in breast cancer awareness and continues to express its never-ending support and affection for a fellow teacher. This volleyball game will set a precedent for every dig pink game the school has in the future years.

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