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These days, celebrities are not just from the music and film industry. YouTube celebrities such as Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles, Ryan Higa and Zoella have become household names. We know them. We love them. (Or we tolerate them. One of the two.) Either way, there are endless bloggers out there, and you are bound to find one interesting to you. Here are some (very slightly) off-the-radar creators who are worth your time.

YouTuber: Mamrie Hart

Channel name(s): Mamrie Hart, “mametown”

This well-known trio in the YouTube community, often referred to as “the holy trinity of YouTube,” is composed of Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. You may actually recognize Helbig and Hannah Hart from pop-up ads, but Mamrie Hart tends to stay behind the scenes more so than the other women.

One of Hart’s segments entitled “You Deserve a Drink,” is one of her more well known videos. In “You Deserve a Drink,” Mamrie discusses a topic/person while simultaneously making punny jokes and relating the stereotype at hand to some sort of farcical cocktail (for those of legal drinking age, of course). She presents her jokes in a punctual and light-hearted manner that manages to be funny, no matter how cheesy. Her well-planned jokes are expected but twisted so that you never expect exactly what she says. In general, she is a hilarious comedienne who puts noticeable effort into her videos. Mamrie Hart is truly a talent worth watching.

YouTuber: Lilly Singh

Channel name(s): “IISuperwomanII”

Lilly Singh, a well-known individual in the YouTube community, has won both a Streamy Award and a Teen Choice Award nomination this year alone. She creates weekly opinionated videos on topics varying from “Types of Girls in Relationships” and “Why Phone Plans Are Evil.”

Singh is a unique kind of talent, as she ties comedy into relatable videos that manage to come across as clever. Her jokes tend to be more reference-based than punchline-based. She takes topics to which many people can relate, but she puts her own energetic, creative spin on everything she does. Once you watch one or two, you become addicted due to the relatable nature of her channel. If you are interested in lighthearted videos, give Lilly Singh a chance.

Youtuber: Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith

Channel name(s): “PrankvsPrank,” “BFvsGF”

Boyfriend and girlfriend, Jessen Wellens and Jeana Smith, love to prank each other. Lucky for us, they are sure to film these elaborate schemes for the world to see. Though they don’t post often, their videos are extremely high quality and extremely entertaining.

Their channel, “PrankvsPrank,” does not display typical pranks. These two go at each other — hard. In one video, Smith tricks Wellens into getting a dark spray tan, which would unfortunately last two whole weeks. Ultimately the pranks are harmless but are intense enough to entertain the viewer. Be careful, though — it is very easy to lose track of time while watching these videos.

The Internet is full of interesting and engaging videos that are fully able to tickle even the most stoic individual’s funny bone. For those who are looking to get into the world of internet entertainment, these channels are a great place to start.

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