Go Back To The Future With Marty McFly

Robert Zemeckis’ “Back To The Future Part II”, released in 1989, brought time travel back into the national spotlight. The film made many predictions on what 2015 would look like, including many technological advances and innovations. As we celebrate the day Marty McFly supposedly visited the future, the inevitable question is: how close was the movie to modern reality?

Mt. Hebron Social Studies teacher, Ms. Christine Aragon believes that the movie was able to depict the technology of the future relatively well. When asked if she thought technology for Hoverboards, self lacing and fitting shoes, and other technology from the movie was realistic, Ms. Aragon said, “Yes, there’s a lot that didn’t exist that does now. We have the technology to manufacture it, but maybe not the money.”

On the contrary, according to sophmore David Delgado, money is not a big reason for why we do not have this technology. “As a country, we are focused on more important uses for technology than just toys.”

Back To The Future features technology used on comfort items, like shoes that can fit any foot and lace themselves. Mt. Hebron principal Mr. Andrew Cockley said, “Shoe companies are too strong for that. There would be only one shoe.”

Senior Eshika Porsher also commented going off of the principal’s response. “Less people would be happy, there would only be one type of shoe. It would not be unique if one shoe fit everyone. There would be less variety of shoes” said Porsher.This aspect would also apply to jackets that self size in the movie. One clothing style from the 1989 film that has not been talked about is wearing two neck ties. Fortunately for some, so far, these tangible technologies and predictions have not reached those heights yet.

Though many do not exist, other examples  of the technologies portrayed in the movie have come to life. For example, Marty McFly encounters video conferences as well as tablet devices. iPads are forms of tablet devices and video conferencing and FaceTime are currently available and in common use by average consumers and businesses working between countries.

“I think that it’s crazy that the second Back To The Future actually predicted the things that happened. Hoverboards may not be that far off, but the clothes might be a little bit of a stretch,” said senior Danielle Pitts.

Aside from the material predictions, non-material predictions were made as well. When McFly looks at the newspaper, it reads that a female president is in office. The most known prediction was that the Cubs swept the world series. This year, the Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs for the first time since 1998.

Junior Ryan Coakley commented on the likelihood of the Cubs hitting their way to be national champions. “Not this year.” Coakley explained, “they are too young of a team to know how to play in the playoffs.” Chicago’s team has fit the prediction so far, we will have to see if the movie was accurate in the sports section of the world.

If viewers read the newspaper closely, many of the predictions from the movie can be seen. The newspaper has a sidebar with headlines, one which reads, “PRESIDENT SAYS SHE’S TIRED.” The U.S has gotten closer to an election outcome like the one from the movie. Women have ran in past elections for president. With Obama being elected first African-American President, the country is moving closer in that direction of change.

The newspaper also reads, “PITCHER SUSPENDED FOR BIONIC ARM USE.” This takes on the world of sports from the angle of cheating. In years since the movie was made, more and more cheating scandals have occurred in sports. There have been steroid use in baseball and other sports. The use of newspapers is something in itself that many fans have noticed. As a society, much of the public receive their news online through phones and computers now. Newspapers are still printed, but at a smaller occurrence.

So far, October of 2015 has helped make some of the ideas in Back To The Future Part II predictions become true. Whether or not the Back To The Future Movie will help gage how the future plays out will be determined today.

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