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Netflix is infamous for its ability to enable “binge-watching” for both TV shows and movies. However, while some shows are heavily promoted, a lot of the content that Netflix produces tends to be overlooked by viewers. Here are some flicks you might want to check out.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”


This show is a comedy series that follows a young woman who was held captive underground for years and, after escaping from her captor, tries to start a new life in New York City. The background is explained thoroughly, but the plot is better suited for a drama series. The show attempts to make the kidnapping situation humorous but is not completely effective. It attempts to be a new “quirky” kind of humor but often comes across as simply strange. But don’t be fooled — the show is entertaining. It isn’t the kind of “laugh out loud” comedy that you might expect, but it will get you invested in the story enough that you want to keep watching. Who knows — you might even chuckle a bit. Bottom line: Give this show a shot, and you might fall in love.



“Between” is an original drama that follows a small town plagued by a terrible disease and focuses on people who are put under quarantine. Actress Jennette McCurdy, who previously starred in the Nickelodeon series, “iCarly,” seems to be the main reason many are attracted to the show, but she is no longer a child actor anymore. This show is intense, captivating and compelling in every aspect.

The acting is brilliant, the story is strong, the characters are dynamic, and the show has pretty much everything you could ask for in a drama. There is mystery, suspense and danger. Though some aspects of the show don’t properly fit into the plot perfectly, the show stands as something brilliant. Some of the images and storylines may be a bit too graphic for some viewers, but overall, it is both truly compelling and heart-wrenching.

“Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help”


This Netflix Original is neither a show nor a movie, but a recording of a stand-up comedy show by  former talk show host, Craig Ferguson.

“Craig Ferguson: I’m Here to Help” showcases Ferguson’s comedic talent, something that couldn’t have been done through his talk show. The humor tends to be crude and somewhat disjointed, but this isn’t exactly considered rare in the world of stand-up shows. Ferguson is also rather repetitive, so much of the audience’s time is spent waiting for an original joke.

Since the piece was recorded in front of a live audience, there is a misleading laugh-track in the background. Often, the crowd laughs before the punchline of the joke is revealed. And so, the live audience takes away from the show a bit. Overall, the show is decent, but not spectacular.  

You should only watch this show if you like typical talk show host humor and appreciate strong Scottish accents. But if you’re looking for a fast-paced, quick-witted comedian, you might want to look elsewhere.

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