New Snapchat Updates Filter In

Everyone with a smartphone now knows about the new and hilariously entertaining Snapchat update. This new update features seven new attributes to upgrade everyone’s selfie-taking abilities.

The changes in the app allow people to take pictures of themselves while applying technologically advanced filters. One of these is the ability to make rainbows come out of the Snapchatter’s mouth whenever it is opened. Though it sounds bizarre, it seems as though this is the new craze among teens across the country.

“I use the app every day,” Junior Angela Scafidi said. “I like using the old person filter the best.”

In order for some of the effects to work fully, the application asks for the users to raise their eyebrows or open their mouths. This simple motion can unlock features ranging from hearts exploding from the user’s eyes to simulating tears running down their face. All of these effects work because the application finds the key points of the user’s face, such as the eyes, mouth and nose, and uses these outlines to create a different simulation on the camera.

There are seven different options to choose from this new feature on Snapchat. It was initially believed that the app would just keep adding more and more of these filters, but in reality, the filters are being replaced every single day. Every day the application adds one new filter to the camera, while also removing one. In a time span of about a week, the original seven options should be replaced with brand new ones.  

Although most people are primarily focused on these new lenses on the Snapchat camera, there are other new features that come with the update. One of the new features allows users to purchase more replays. This means that even after a picture from your best friend “disappears forever,” you can view it again. Previously, you could only have one replay per day; however, now you can buy as many as you want and enjoy the pictures that your friends send for a longer period of time. But some are skeptical about how popular this feature will prove to be.

“Generally, I don’t think that the replays are useful and most likely no one will buy them,” said junior Stephanie Lizzo.

The final new feature that Snapchat put in their update is the ability to view your trophies. These were not visible to anyone before, but now they are easily accessible in the settings for Snapchat. These trophies stand for many different accomplishments the user has done since downloading the app. Examples of trophies range from showing the amount of pictures you have ever sent or received when using the application, or the ever so simple amount of colors used in a picture sent. There are more spaces for other trophies, but it is left unknown for the user to discover later in their Snapchatting times.

For Vikings, another recent update to Snapchat is Mt. Hebron’s very own geotag, which was added on September 18. The geotag depicts our school name with our Viking mascot in the corner of the screen. No one could have ever guessed that our own high school would have its own geotag to represent Mt. Hebron pride.

“Of course all of the other schools have geotags, so we should definitely have one too,” senior Ashley Chibb said.

These new changes to this beloved application have shown to be very popular in the past couple of days, and it is unknown what more Snapchat has in store for its users.

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