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Citizen M Signs Off

The time has come. The moment you have all been waiting for. Yes, this is it: the glorious Citizen M Reveal. Every single thing you have ever done has been a precursor to the magnitude of this period in time. Fasten your seat belts, put on your safety goggles, tell your mother you love her, grab a donut, do a triple back flip, don’t break your legs, try to—

*Buzzer sound* Wrong. Cry about it. I know this is usually the time of the year where Citizen M announces his or her identity to the population of Mt. Hebron. However, that’s usually because the writer of Citizen M is a senior. If you haven’t noticed, seniors are gone now. Put two and two together yet? You’re a genius.

Alas, this is the only dollop of information you will be receiving about who I really am (not in, like, a sappy deep way; “Know the real me” — no, that’s not what I mean). Considering I will still be here, I will continue my position until the end of next year. With that being said, I’ve set some goals for myself.

  1. Write more. Only three of my articles were put online this year, and I think my generally non-vital opinions need to be shoved in people’s faces some more.
  2. Get one of those feather quill things. So cool.
  3. Interact with my homies some more. My posse. My people. All of you are actually none of those things, and it’s virtually impossible to interact considering I technically don’t exist. But that doesn’t mean I can’t emphasize the place of the public in my articles! Having a rough time with your boyfriend, Suzie? Let me rant about how he didn’t ask how your day was. Coach didn’t play you all game, Mike? I got you. I’ll just go type up a quick spiel about second-string high school football players and their feelings.
  4. Maybe be nicer. Not everything sucks.

Okay, yeah, it’s only four things. But it’s a start, right?

  1. What a school year. I mean, think of all the things we managed to fit into the 180 days or whatever amount we were forced to endure. Homecoming, the Canned Food Drive, prom… And I know a lot of other stuff happened, too, but I think I just temporarily entered a somewhat-comatose state around midterms and emerged sometime last month.

But, hey, most of you probably remember all the happenings of this year, which is great! But it is also kind of terrible! Freshmen, you remember everyone kind of/sort of hating you (not personally, don’t be like that). And sophomores, you remember… Well, I don’t know what sophomores remember, and I don’t really think anyone else does either. Juniors, you remember college and SATs and sadness and entering that really lazy state of “I don’t want to do this but I’m not a senior, so I have to.” Lastly, seniors. Seniors, you remember not remembering anything because most of you didn’t even show up half the time.

But when we look back on this year, everyone will say the same thing: how he or she wishes it hadn’t gone by so fast. In the end, the freshmen will gulp as they transform out of the acceptable-scared phase of high school, sophomores will feel Upperclassman Responsibilities fall on their shoulders, juniors will realize college is a lot closer than they thought, and seniors will remember all the great experiences they had in high school and savor every last second of it. Even though none of them looked too torn up about it at graduation.

On the bright side, I get to continue complaining about it next year, too! So stay tuned, Mt. Hebron, because I’m not going anywhere (in life) (ha). Peace out.

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