Social Media Stirs Over Student’s Tweet

Twitter and Vine have taken the social media world by storm, with countless pages and profiles posting millions of videos and pictures daily. Occasionally, funny or interesting posts go “viral,” a phrase termed to explain a rapid expansion in popularity. Social media has prompted us to become obsessed with “The Dress,” PSAT jokes, and “rap circles” through hilariously compelling posts. Recently, Mt. Hebron’s own students have made their way into the spotlight.

It was a laid-back day in junior Matt Leone’s English class when some of his spontaneous classmates decided to choreograph a performance. Ms. Donna Smith’s class had just returned to the room from doing research in the media center. With five minutes left in the period, several of her students performed “off the cuff,” Ms. Smith said.

“They choreographed it!” Ms. Smith added. “I was impressed. I giggled and tried to get them to do another one. ”

Juniors John Benyi, LJ Gant, and Brennan White, sang “My Girl” by The Temptations, sharing their musical talents with what turned out to be thousands over the web. This is because Leone quickly grabbed his phone and began recording what he considered to be “a funny moment to remember,” he said.

Leone tweeted the video with the caption “What we get done in English,” poking fun at the class being off task. Gant added that it was a spur of the moment decision, as their teacher had instructed them to wait until the end of class to start any shenanigans.

When asked what Ms. Smith thought of the skit, Leone said, “My English teacher was getting tired of us always talking and singing, so she assigned everything as homework and kind of let us on our own. She thought it was very funny. ”

And what began as a simple two-minute recording became a Twitter sensation.

“Surprisingly, everyone started retweeting it and quoting it saying, ‘I wish it was my class.’ My tweet got a little under 500 retweets and some “official Vine” accounts posted it and got a few thousand retweets,” explained Leone.

“I feel great. I like the exposure. It feels good to be noticed,” commented Gant, the video’s lead singer. According to Gant, the boys are going to “start doing that more often,” he said.

Leone may not have intended for the tweet to go viral, but nonetheless social media saw a brief glimpse into some of Mt. Hebron’s antics.

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