St. Patrick’s Day Meets Lack of Enthusiasm at Mt. Hebron

On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day brought lots of cheer and green to the year 2015, but very few students are actually aware of what the holiday is about. St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious holiday in celebration of the Romano-British Saint Patrick, who became a bishop in Ireland. According to legend, St. Patrick was a man of Christian faith who helped pagans convert to Christianity and dedicated his life to the work of God as a priest. Every year, his legacy is celebrated on March 17, the day of his death.

Even so, most Vikings were not very festive this year for St. Patrick’s Day. For a day dedicated to the wearing of green garb, there was a considerable lack of spirit among Mt. Hebron students and faculty.

Senior Allie Beall said that with St. Patrick’s Day being on a weekday, “a lot fewer people who are not Irish will be celebrating it.” Beall appeared to be correct; when interviewed, most of the students who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day were celebrating because they are of Irish descent.

Senior Allie Beall dons her St. Patrick's Day green.

Senior Allie Beall dons her St. Patrick’s Day green.

After all, St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday, but according to junior Alyssa Matanin, the holiday is about so much more than being Irish. It is about “being with and showing appreciation for family,” Matanin said.

Sophomore Jill MacCarthy boasts her Irish pride.

Sophomore Jill McCarthy boasts her Irish pride.

Sophomore Jill McCarthy stated that most people “don’t appreciate this aspect of the holiday” and view it more as a commercial affair.

There were only a handful of green-wearers roaming the halls today, many of them donning sparkly shamrock necklaces and headbands to avoid being pinched by vigilant peers. Junior Nicki Shaffer felt as though the school should coordinate a Spirit Week to boost the school pride for St. Patrick’s Day.

Outside of school, many families enjoy festive activities together. When asked what her family usually does to commemorate the holiday, Matanin shared, “My family goes to Kelsey’s, where they have bagpipes and bands. It makes for a really fun atmosphere.”

Over all, those who have chosen to partake in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations today are keeping the tradition alive. Continue to show your pride, Mt. Hebron! Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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