Traditions March Forward With Pi Day

This Saturday, the world will be celebrating the wonder of pi. No, it is not the classic “grandma’s house” dessert, but it is something just as sweet. Maybe. This day will be all about the popular numerical value commonly used in mathematics: π.

From geometry to pre-calculus, almost all high-school math classes use this infinite set of digits at some point. What looks like π actually represents a numerical value of over 10 trillion digits, the first of which are 3.14159.

Mt. Hebron parent Susan Smith explained, “The real significance of pi is that it is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and no matter what circle you choose, the ratio of its circumference to its diameter will always be the number ‘pi.’”

Saturday’s date is what makes the day special in itself. When the date is written out, it reads 3/14/15, and at 9:26:53 in the morning, it represents the first ten digits of pi.

Most people only know the first few digits of pi, but Senior Vincent Cozzo did not stop there. “I know about one hundred digits of pi,” he said. “I have always had an interest in math, and a part of my inspiration resulted from that.” Cozzo has an affinity for memorization, which helped him remember so many digits of pi.

“I wish I could be in school to celebrate with my students because I’m sure my husband isn’t too enthused about commemorating this day with me,” commented calculus teacher Ms. Brittany Gutierrez.

This is the first time in 100 years that this day has occurred. It is therefore considered very significant by most math teachers and even some families. Smith explained, “My three children and I all wear Pi Day T-shirts. I am very excited for this year’s pi day.”

To most people this day celebrates the number, but to others it means a lot more.

Math teacher Mr. Andrew Bright explained, “My twin daughters were born on Mar. 14, so this day is more than just a number. But any reason to get excited about math is good.” And, yes, they are having pies on the twins’ birthday.

This date, easily overlooked by many, only occurs once in a lifetime. So do not be irrational; this day does not last infinitely. Eat some pie and contemplate the significance of this mathematical wonder.

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