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Local Fire Claims Life

On Dec. 29, a deadly house fire claimed the life of Ellicott City resident Betty Ann Davis, 70.

Authorities have stated that Davis was pronounced dead at the scene and was found on the first floor of her home located at the intersection of Roundhill Road and Doncaster Drive, near Worthington Elementary School. Both her pets also perished in the incident.

The other resident of the home was not present at the time of the incident and thus remains uninjured.

Damages to the house were irreparable despite the 50 to 60 firefighters and emergency workers who arrived on scene. Authorities were able to take control of the situation within an hour of their arrival.

Members of the Howard County Police Department as well as members from the Howard County Fire Department remained at the scene for approximately five hours according to Officer Chaz Runk, who personally arrived around 8:30 PM.

The last firefighters at the scene of the incident, after extinguishing the fire, left around 9:45 PM and were followed by the few remaining members of the Howard County Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

Police cruisers that were positioned on various parts of Doncaster Drive and Roundhill Road departed shortly after the firemen and ambulances left. Thus, the block imposed on automobiles was lifted.

Fire investigators with flashlights remained at the site and were seen working past 10:00 PM.

The cause of the fire that took Davis’ life is currently unknown; however, fire investigators are searching for answers among the remains of the house.

Officer Runk also stated that Public Relations Officer Lori Boone, an official who “generates information and gives it to the public,” he said, has been assigned to the incident. More information about the incident is expected to be released in the upcoming days. For now, Howard County Officials have sectioned off parts of the property with caution tape, presumably for further examination.

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