Vacationing vs. Staying Home For Winter Break

By Rachel Bowman

Winter break this year is almost two weeks, which in my opinion is pretty awesome. But how horrible would it be if you spent the whole time snowed in? Sure, you can watch Netflix and catch up on some much-needed sleep, but wouldn’t you rather be sleeping on a beach getting tan and living the good life? I know I would.

As a person who has spent Christmas in the Bahamas, I can honestly say it is something I highly recommend. Why have white snow and hot chocolate (which is actually just heated chocolate milk) when you can have white sand and tropical fruit-flavored drinks?

Just because you are spending the holidays on vacation does not mean you are not celebrating. Whether you open your gift on the 25th or the 12th before you leave the country, your grandmother is still getting you a sweater you will never wear.

Speaking of grandmothers, be honest with yourself — you are not really looking forward to spending all that time with your family. I mean, it is not like the holidays are the only time you will ever see them, so you might as well go out and explore the world when you have the chance.

If you are worried that Santa will not be able to find you, have no fear. It is a proven fact that Santa prefers to stop in the Caribbean and soak in some vitamin D. It is much healthier than milk and cookies.

The concept of a White Christmas is an unrealistic expectation perpetuated by movie producers. In Maryland, it rarely ever snows in December. And if it does, it’s only ever a disappointing flurry, even though the average temperature is like negative 12 degrees. Then again, who really understand the weather here, anyway? So you might as well take advantage of the chance to escape the sad, cold hole that is Maryland in the winter and remind yourself of the happiness that is summer.

For many people, getting and decorating a pine tree is a tradition but a hassle. If you feel this way, I have a solution for you. Go to a tropical island and throw a string of lights on a palm tree. It is much more festive with half the effort.

Traveling requires one to pack a suit case, and that means putting in effort to how you look, which one might say defeats the purpose of break. My friend, you are so wrong. The definition of “beach babe” is effortless. You go to the beach, get tan, have wavy hair, and throw on some shorts and a tee shirt. It is the most laid-back atmosphere in the world, and it is exactly what we all need on a vacation.

Plus, the best part is when you come back looking tan and well-rested. The first day back from break is a fashion show of people wearing their new clothes, and your tropical glow will be a reminder that you had a better time than everyone else around you.

So if you go away for break (which you should do, because what better way to ring in the New Year than with a fruit smoothie in hand and sand in your toes?) or stay home, I hope you have a wonderful holiday.


By Rachel Cadigan

When I think of Winter Break, a few dandy ideas pop into my head. No school, delectable hot chocolate, softly falling snow, no school, Christmas trees, no school, gingerbread houses, tiny train sets and lots of work to ignore.

The holidays are the perfect chance for us to kick back and relax for two weeks and spend time with the people we love and care about. It’s just like summer break, but…cold.

Why would anyone want to spend the holidays anywhere else but at home? There is a reason for the saying “Home Sweet Home.”

Staying home for the holidays lets you spend oodles of time with your family and do cheesy activities, like sledding and picking a Christmas tree. You get to see all the people who are home from college on semester break.

Also, you do not have to pack anything. I really do not want to load up my entire suitcase with clothes I really never wear just to go somewhere like, I don’t know, Bermuda. Ever heard of the Bermuda triangle? I would rather not visit any place that is sketchy or math-related.

You cannot forget about your bed. It has feelings, too. It wants you to wake up every morning during break wrapped up in its comforter, feet dangling over the side and hair probably looking rough. Sleeping in your own bed is just the most satisfying thought in the world. Next to the thought of a big jolly man shimmying down your chimney and giving you free stuff, of course.

Moreover, snow is so great. It is literally frozen water falling from the sky. You can eat it. You can play in it. You can make a man out of it — that is impressive. Go somewhere else, and you might not experience the delightful flurries of joy. Not to mention, I was just able to use the words delightful, flurries and joy in the same sentence. If that does not make you want to stay home, I have nothing more to say to you.

Going away for the holidays is depressing. You miss your friends, which is definitely a bummer. You are probably going somewhere strange where you will inevitably feel uncomfortable and out of place. What if it is too hot where you go and you miss the snow? A frozen tear fell down my face just thinking about this.

Your parents are probably going to ditch you to do fun, holiday party things by themselves, too. Have fun sitting in a room on your own, crying while watching that one Christmas movie with the dog. Cruise? More like snooze. Rhyming.

Let us not forget you could miss Old Saint Nick. How is he supposed to know where you went? He has a lot of other things on his mind. And do not think for a second that your parents are going to replace what was lost: a lot of money that could be devoted to presents is spent on your so-called “fabulous” trip.

So when deciding on where you should snuggle under a blanket, I say stay at home! And wherever you end up on the 25th, Happy Holidays to you.