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Viking Service Club Collects Toys for Tots

Over the past week, Mt. Hebron’s Viking Service Club has been working tirelessly alongside the Toys for Tots organization in order to create a happier holiday season for the less fortunate.

With the assistance and guidance of the club’s sponsor, Counselor Tina Flynn, the club has succeeded in maintaining a well-organized toy drive aimed at helping local children.

After the initial collection of the toys at Mt. Hebron, the Service Club will transport the Christmas gifts to Ellicott Mills Middle School. Later, representatives from Toys for Tots will pick up the generous donations from the school.

Toys for Tots receives help from local community groups such as churches and scout troops. When all of the presents have been gathered, these organizations will help connect the program with the individual kids, distributing the gifts around the holidays, just in time for Christmas.

In order to meet the needs of all the families that rely on the program to provide holiday gifts for children, Toys for Tots establishes goals for how many donated toys must be collected.

This year, the organization still needs to gather an additional seven million toys in order to reach its toy donation goal. It is the responsibility of all participating local grassroots organizations and schools to ensure that every spare toy has been accounted for and donated.

Media support for the program, made most evident to the general American public through television commercials, has been crucial to its fundraising success and will greatly assist the organization in surpassing its goal.

Many powerful and influential corporations endorse Toys for Tots, especially during the holiday season, rightly named “the season of giving.”  However, even with the immense support that comes through funding, the effort still needs assistance in collecting physical presents to provide for the children it supports.

This year marks Mt. Hebron’s second year supporting the toy drive. So far, the Viking Service club has only been able to collect 15 toys and greatly wishes to add to this collection of gifts.

“Last year, we had probably at least 30 toys,” Ms. Flynn said.

Given the generosity Mt. Hebron students, staff and families have shown over the years — a prime example being the canned food drive — selflessness and donations to the cause are feasible.

There is still time to assist the Viking Service Club in its noble effort. The organization will still be accepting gifts for the next few days.

All the toys that people wish to donate must be new, store-bought and unopened. Students, staff and their families can donate new toys by giving them to Ms. Flynn or by dropping them off at collection boxes placed within various local businesses, where they will be collected and distributed when the time comes.

By providing for the less fortunate individuals in our society, the Mt. Hebron community can truly make a difference in the lives of children around the country.


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