Lacrosse Players Commit to College

On Nov. 12, several members of the Class of 2015 officially committed to play lacrosse at the collegiate level, signing their official documents in the media center with their parents in attendance. Each student donned a sweatshirt to represent the university that he or she will be attending next fall.

All of the athletes have had prosperous high school lacrosse careers and plan on carrying their devotion to the sport for another four years. Their levels of commitment and hard work have paid off, and the Mt. Hebron community commends them on their outstanding achievement.

One of two students to commit to the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP), Meghan Doherty, has been playing lacrosse for 12 years and has always loved the sport. Her dedication to lacrosse is shown in her competitive nature, which enabled her to play for the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team as a freshman.

“I am really excited to play!” said Doherty. “The team and coaching staff are awesome!”

Doherty has a brother and sister who have both played lacrosse and have been great motivators for her. Alongside Doherty, teammate Jen Giles will be playing at UMCP as well; these two have been teammates for 12 years.

Giles, who has been playing the sport since she was a young five years old, has now realized her dream to play collegiate level lacrosse.

“My oldest sister graduated from high school in 2007 and went to Georgetown to play lacrosse,” said Giles. “Ever since then, I have dreamed of playing in college like her and my other two sisters.”

Giles has huge inspirations in her life that helped grow her ambition to take lacrosse to the next competitive level.

“The team seems like so much fun, and I love everything about the school,” Giles enthused. “Overall it seems like my four years there will be very memorable.”

Chachi Kelehan, who will be attending George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, said, “I would not have made it to where I am today without my parents and coaches. I am really grateful to have such supportive people in my life.”

Kelehan has been playing lacrosse for 12 years and has “wanted to play collegiate level lacrosse since I was in middle school,” she said.

The only male lacrosse signer, Shane Brookhart, who has been playing for 13 years, signed to York College of PA.

“It just made me a lot more excited about going to York next year and becoming a part of the lacrosse program there,” said Brookhart. “It was also great getting to experience the signing process with some of my good friends.” Shane has been a varsity player since freshman year and is “looking forward to my next four years of school and college lacrosse,” he said.

Another 12-year lacrosse player, Cammy Case, signed with the Queens University of Charlotte. Case, who has had dreams of playing lacrosse at the collegiate level since she was nine years old, said, “It didn’t become a reality until high school.”

Her focus and enthusiasm has not stopped even now that she has committed, as she is looking forward to the spring season. “I’m very excited!” said Case. “But it’s still so far away. I’m more excited for the upcoming spring season of lacrosse at Hebron!”

Ally Unkenholz, who has been playing lacrosse since 2nd grade, signed with Pfeiffer University in NC.

“I’ve wanted to play in college since I started club lacrosse in 6th grade,” she said. With that objective in mind, Unkenholz pushed herself through all of middle and high school so that she could achieve her goal. She also stated, “I really looking forward to [playing at Pfeiffer]. It will be a good experience.”

All of these athletes have worked exceedingly hard to achieve this monumental goal and deserve this opportunity to be recognized. Just as notable inventor Thomas Edison once said, “There is no substitute for hard work.”

Every one of these lacrosse players, however, has exhibited more than hard work. They have demonstrated endurance in their ability to persevere through injuries while still playing the sport to which they have wholly dedicated themselves. The Mountain Staff wishes each of these competitors the best of luck as they venture into a new and exciting level of education and athletics.

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