Seniors Get Summer Head Start at Colleges

This past summer, three Mt. Hebron seniors got a taste of their future early by taking college courses at colleges that they were planning to apply to.

German whiz Frank Faust took on the German language in depth when he traveled to Belingries, Germany.

“I took all normal classes, like we do here,” Faust said. “Except instead of English, it was all in German.”

Faust participated in a program that implemented immersion-style instruction. This method of teaching has been proven to be the most effective way to master a language.

But this trip was not Faust’s first visit to Germany. Having built a foundation for language on his previous family travels, Faust was awarded a full-ride scholarship for the Belingries Program for his strong German skills.  With his previous knowledge of the language, he was already very fluent, so adapting was not that hard for Faust when he spent his summer there.

When asked about the experience, he explained that both the educators and the locals with whom he interacted were very friendly, which also helped to facilitate a smooth transition into a different environment.

Faust said that he made a lot of new friends in the town where he lived with his host family. In their free time, Faust and his fellow students would go into the town, delighting in such colloquial pleasures as local wares and artisan German beer (non-alcoholic, of course).

One would assume that it would be a challenge to take in a lot of information when visiting a foreign country, but when asked what he learned, Faust expounded upon his newfound knowledge of the Bulgarian dialect.

Faust hopes to continue his language studies in the future and brings a great deal of experience back to the foreign language program here at Mt. Hebron.

Senior Stephanie Bao, an aspiring computer programmer, spent her summer studying at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Bao enrolled in two college level courses, Fundamental Programming and Statistics.  Bao stayed on campus for the duration of her studies.

Bao (far right) and friends relax on the quad between classes at Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College Program (Photo courtesy of  Stephanie Bao).

Bao (far right) and friends relax on the quad between classes at Carnegie Mellon’s Pre-College Program (Photo courtesy of Stephanie Bao).

“I like it a lot more than high school,” said Bao. “It was so fun, and I definitely want to go back.”

While the independence that comes with living on campus can be both challenging and liberating, Bao found that she was able to strike the right balance between work and play to enjoy the city of Pittsburgh and succeed in her studies.

Studying at Carnegie Mellon over the summer has solidified Bao’s decision to further her endeavors in the field of computer science. She has submitted her application to the school, hoping to be accepted so that she can begin her studies there next fall.

Breazeale stops for a picture in front of one of the many buildings of NYU’s sprawling urban campus (Photo courtesy of Brandon Breazeale).

Senior Brandon Breazeale took his music remixing and editing skillset to New York University (NYU).  A talented percussionist in the MTH Marching Unit and a bassist in a band he started with other senior friends, to say that Breazeale is an avid musician would be an understatement.

Breazeale noted that he is fond of city life. “NYU is one of my top choices for college,” he explained.

Breazeale got a preview of dorm life in the Big Apple, and when asked about his impression, he described it as an overwhelming but astounding atmosphere.

Back at home, Breazeale often spends his time on garage band making hot mixes and killer beats. One could say that using the brand-new six million dollar recording equipment at NYU really worked to his advantage. Breazeale’s experience demonstrates the possible outcomes of being adventurous and exploring new interests. If he had never opened Garage Band and found the fun in it, Breazeale said he might never have had this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

At Mt. Hebron, students are exposed to a variety of different options and encouraged to pursue their genuine interests. Faust, Bao and Breazeale are prime examples of students who are using their abilities and experiences to consider future plans in the discipline that may one day become a huge part of their futures as adults. With the values that have been instilled in them here at Mt. Hebron, they will surely succeed wherever they go.

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