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Jung Wins District V Golf Championship

On Oct. 20, the District V Golf Championship was taken by storm by junior Josephine Jung, who hit a 75 and won her first ever District title in a sudden death playoff situation.

Not even a month ago, Jung also won the Howard County Championship Golf Tournament, hitting a 74 and two under par to give herself a 10-shot lead over her nearest opponent. This was the first time she ever finished in the top two during a postseason tournament or event.

“It was a big accomplishment, and I worked so hard for it,” said Jung when asked how she felt about her experience. “I was in shock, and it hasn’t hit me yet.”

Jung started playing golf as a freshman after she had recently quit soccer.

“My Dad really wanted me to play golf,” she said.

Thus, her decorated career began.

Golf coach Mr. Donald Walters could not have been more enthralled with how great Jung did at the Championship.

“My hope was for her to win, and I was extremely excited,” he said. “She progressively got better through the season, and it was very exciting. I was happy for her that she won.”

There are usually pre-game nerves for players before championship matches, but Jung was not letting anything faze her.

“I wanted to play well,” said Jung when asked about her thoughts before the competition.

She was flowing with confidence, and was not going to let any mind games get in her way of the championship. A quick, “Good luck,” from Mr. Walters was good enough motivation to get her into the zone.

As the match went on, Jung had slowly started to realize how close the championship was to her grasp.

“I kind of knew I was going to win,” she said when asked how she felt during the competition.

Everything was falling into place for her during that match, and every hit, stroke, or putt needed to go in her favor.

Jung’s teammates were extremely optimistic and encouraging, wanting her to defeat the rest of the competition.

“She was definitely expected to win, and I knew she would handle the pressure well,” said senior golfer Shane Brookhart. “I was excited for her when I heard she won, and I knew she could do it!”

Jung’s successful high school golf career does not end here, however. She still has one year left to take total control of Howard County golf, and winning these tournaments has helped push her to a hard to conquer first place. She aspires to play for a Division 1 golf program in college, but she is still unsure of where she wants to go.

For Jung, her successes have only just begun. She still has a couple of tournaments in the season left, and she has her senior year to show how off more of her talent.

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