From Students to Staff: 10 Alumni Recall Best Homecoming Memories

The 2013-2014 varstiy football team huddles up at practice to prepare for the homecoming game (Photo courtesy of Mt. Hebron Football).

The 2013-2014 Varsity football team huddles up at practice to prepare for the Homecoming game (Photo courtesy of Mt. Hebron Football).

1.  “I liked spending time with friends throughout Spirit Week, building our float, painting the wall, watching the pep rally games, and having the class of ’96 dominate Spirit Week.” –Ms. Jenn Olchowski

2.  “The dance was great. That’s the best part of the night, going out to dinner. I had a blast.” –Mr. Richard Ireland

3.  “I enjoyed playing in the game. That was the most fun. Pep rally was fun as well. We used to do the ‘Prancers’ in the pep rally. The football team would dress up like the Lancers and go out there and perform.” –Mr. Mike Tittsworth

4.  “As a student here, my favorite Homecoming experience was probably my freshman year. I went to Bare Bones, and had the best sloppy joe. I was also Homecoming King. “ –Mr. Tommy Tittsworth

5.  “Senior Homecoming. Definitely. That’s when I was the oldest. I was with my friends. We got to drive ourselves everywhere, and we got to do what we wanted to do.” –Mr. Greg Murach

6.  “The whole day was always a lot of fun because you would just come up here and basically get to the Pancake Breakfast, stay for the football game, and then you’re back here for the dance. So it was kind of nice just to have everything happening at once.” –Mr. Scott Ruehl

7.  “We were allowed to drive the floats around the track for everybody to see. And the whole entire track would be lined up with floats. It was the coolest thing.” –Ms. Jeannie Prevosto

8.  “Senior year in general because we were all wearing black, and I’m pretty sure we did the Austin Powers half-time show. That was a lot of fun.” –Ms. Amy Comberiate

9.  “My senior year, the most exciting thing was that the football team, in the fall of 2003, won the Homecoming game. It was the first time they won a Homecoming game in 17 or 18 seasons. Fans were rushing the field. It got pretty chaotic.” –Mr. Kelly Caprarola

10.  “The things I remember most was obviously the football games and the actual Homecoming itself with the floats and the parade. The dances were a good time.” –Mr. Todd DeCrispino

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